Monday, June 20, 2011

Farm Pond Largemouths

For Father's Day me and Dad fished a lake his boss owns. Up until five years ago this was a Christmas tree farm. Ever since they replaced the trees with wheat I've noticed the fishing has went way downhill. There's still plenty of fish but lunkers are few and far between these days. I'd say the 14 pounder I caught in high school will stay my record for this lake. Almost everyone allowed to fish the lake goes for catfish so bass are pretty gullible. Also, I'm reasonably sure I'm the only person to ever fly fish here. Catching them here is pretty straight forward. You either fish the weed bed in the one end and lose a few flies or fish the deeper corner which is full of sunken Christmas trees and lose tons of flies. Recent rain rose the lake up putting a good foot of water between the surface and cover. I fished the weedy corner mostly with a deer hair diver. The trick was twitching it under and letting it sit and wait for a bass to fly out of the weeds after it. I'd catch one about every third cast, only a couple of them were decent size. The catfishing did't go as well for Dad but we did get enough for dinner.
Dad waiting for the catfish to bite
Time to head home